Beat Content Competition & Increase Your Content Marketing ROI


Create content that’s 10x better than your competition, expand your audience and generate TOFU leads. Learn more about the methodology below.

As a senior marketing leader growing a B2B organization targeting other marketers, you’ll be more than familiar with the challenge of utilizing content marketing to capture a wider audience and discover business opportunities. According to a HubSpot survey, 36% of marketers believed the biggest challenge of all was creating engaging content in the first place.


When marketing a B2B company solving a marketing challenge, you’re faced with an overwhelming array of choices. The amount of marketing options available can be confusing and distracting. Yet one thing is clear: content marketing is important. In fact, 70% of marketers plan to produce more content in 2017 compared to 2016 (Content Marketing Institute).


The problem is, only 30% of those marketers believe their organizations are effective at content marketing in the first place.


So, how do you produce content that’s proven to engage and expand your audience, generate opportunities, build high quality backlinks – all while positioning you as a thought leader at the same time?

10x Content for Martech

When it comes to generating great results from your content marketing efforts, the fastest and most effective way is 10x Content. Not only does it effectively beat content competition, but you generate fast results in the form of backlinks, traffic and conversions.


The challenge is in finding the right content to create and getting past the noise – especially when getting the attention of other marketers. How do you create content that people fall in love with while delivering measurable results and ROI?


This is why our 10x Content Methodology was created. We wanted to create content that worked as a continuous traffic & lead generation asset. We do this by creating content that is simply better than anything else out there, and promoting it like we would a product.


For example, we created a blog post on B2B marketing strategies during a time people were talking about trends but offering no substance on how to execute them. It was a 6,000+ word guide that delivered a huge amount of value.


As a result, it generated thousands of visits in the first week and still ranks #1 for the competitive term “b2b marketing strategies” today. Most importantly, it generated a huge number of subscribers and high-quality leads from qualified organizations.

The Grizzle 10x Content Methodology.

The process works by focusing on three core areas:


  1. Researching for the right topic
  2. Creating practical, actionable & entertaining content
  3. Continuous distribution for traffic and SEO


We start by finding topics that sit in the sweet spot between your value proposition and what the market currently needs. This uncovers challenges that we can solve using content to attract a wider audience.


Then, we analyze the competition and define what we can do better. In the example above, we found that people were providing only a summary for each strategy. We expanded upon the five most common trends, providing a step-by-step guide to executing each of them.


From here, we distribute through various channels to generate a spike of traffic the day your content goes live. Distribution channels and approaches include (but not limited to):


  • Communities & forums (e.g. Reddit, LinkedIn Groups, Quora)
  • Personalized outreach (reaching out to those who have a similar following)
  • Content syndication (getting your content in Huffington Post etc.)
  • Content repurposing (e.g. SlideShare, Medium & LinkedIn Pulse)
  • Guest blogging (securing placements on other publications)


To drive leads, content upgrades are created. These are lead magnets in the form of worksheets, checklists, templates and bonus content that visitors can download in exchange for their details. These are relevant to the content and often perform higher than whitepapers.


Finally, we engage with target influencers from the beginning of the process. Not only does this add credibility to the content in the form of 3rd party stories, but helps with accessing a wider audience once content goes live. This provides you with future co-marketing and business development opportunities.

How do we get started?

The process begins with a 30 minute discussion to learn more about your current content strategy, your business goals and to see how we may be a fit to work together. We’ll give you a complete overview of our methodology and how it works.

We won’t hide the fact that we’d love your business, however there’s no obligation to do so. You’ll leave with what believe are some great ideas you can execute yourself.