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We help B2B marketing and SEO teams refresh and optimize existing blog articles, landing pages, and more.

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A subscription model that grows with you

Nobody likes being locked into lengthy agreements. We offer 30-day rolling contracts with the option to cancel at any time you like.

Whether you need an end-to-end solution or à la carte services, each package is tailored to your unique goals and needs.

Want to see if we're a good fit first? Start with a one-off pilot project before investing for the long-term.

Our slow growth agency philosophy

Many of our clients have been burned by agencies in the past—usually because they grow too quickly.

We’ve adopted a “slow growth” philosophy, meaning we only onboard three to five best-fit clients each quarter.

Slow growth allows us to take the time to hire and coach the best talent. It’s part of the reason our clients stick around for years.

1. Content audit and refresh analysis

We’ll collect data across the entire content journey, identifying opportunities for higher rankings and issues to fix. Alternatively, give us your content priorities to analyze. We’ll uncover what needs to be done to improve performance.

2. Resource planning and editorial scheduling

Not all content refreshes are equal. Some may require a light editorial touch and additional sections, while others call for a complete rewrite. We’ll diagnose refresh opportunities and ensure you get more from your investment.

3. Refresh production and copyediting

Every content refresh goes through a rigorous, end-to-end production workflow. We pride ourselves on our high editorial standards, ensuring that your tone of voice is maintained while giving as much value to your audience as possible.

Client results:

280% increase in search traffic

As part of our ongoing optimization efforts, we helped Pipedrive refresh, edit, and rewrite old blog articles. This has seen a 269% increase in search traffic and a 111% increase in user sign-ups.

287% increase in search traffic

After creating an article on "what are display ads?" we noticed it started ranking on page 2 for the parent term. Within 30 days we were ranking #1 for “display ads,” increasing traffic from 676 to 2,617 pageviews.

98.75% increase in search traffic

Alongside new blog article production, we help Tide ensure content is optimized and up-to-date. One article on an accounting topic has seen a 98% lift in search traffic in 31 days.

Long-term and sustainable organic growth

What impact would an extra 400,000 monthly organic visitors have on your KPIs?

Tailored packages, no lengthy contracts

Nobody likes being locked into lengthy contracts. We operate on a productized model and have done since day one, with each package tailored to your unique goals and needs.

This means a 30-day rolling contract with the option to cancel at any time you like.

Not ready to invest in the full service? Let’s start with a one-off pilot project and see if we’re a good fit for each other.

Our slow growth agency philosophy

It’s common to get burned by agencies that grow too quickly. We’ve adopted a “slow growth” philosophy, meaning we only onboard a handful of new clients each quarter.

Slow growth allows us to take the time to hire the right people and train them on our methodologies. It’s part of the reason our clients stick around for years.

This means we’re only taking on 3 new content optimization clients this quarter. Once onboarded, we’ll be removing the form below and replacing it with a waitlist.

New engagements will be starting on 1st February, 2023.

Why clients
love us

Working with Grizzle has been a great experience. They've helped us scale up our content production, folding in seamlessly with our internal content operations. All while maintaining a high standard of content quality.

Kyle Byers
Director of Organic Search

For years I'd been searching for a content partner like Grizzle knowing how valuable such a service would be. No other content vendor I've worked with before has been better. Having someone I can rely on to deliver high-quality, SEO-friendly content consistently has been essential for success.

Chandal Nolasco da Silva
Content Director

Grizzle’s approach to B2B content is unique, intelligent and highly effective. The content they’ve created for SmileBack is excellent: it provides significant value to our very niche audience, driving outcomes for our business both in terms of increased conversions from lead-to-subscriber and increase product adoption within our customer base. With Grizzle, content has become a key pillar of our sales and CRM strategies.

Andrew Wallace
Managing Director

Grizzle's end-to-end solutions help us rank content in a highly competitive market. They're completely on our wavelength, providing us with high-quality content and distribution services that drive traffic and user sign-ups.

Christan Westcott
Head of Inbound Marketing

Grizzle has helped me earn tremendous SEO results. They're brilliant, professional, and most important of all - always make life easier for me and make me look good in front of my boss. That’s what a services partner should do.

Gaetano Dinardi
Director of Growth Marketing

Working with Grizzle is a breeze. They are pros who know exactly what they’re doing and have a modern marketing playbook that gets results. Grizzle’s content quality is top-notch, and their work directly contributed to our SEO and PR efforts.

David Fallarme
Marketing Director

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