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Growing a blog is tough. Not only are you in charge of managing a regular publishing schedule, but each article must deliver qualified traffic and results.

According to CMI, 56% of businesses reported they wanted to increase their content creation spending in 2019. For many, this means “more content”. But what about the articles you already have?

There’s an opportunity to multiply your results from what you published 6 to 12 months ago. How do maximise the output of every single blog post you own?

Content Optimization

If you’re looking to multiply the results you get from your existing content marketing efforts, then content optimization process can help.

You’ve already invested in your content. Why not squeeze as much value out of it as you can? Treating your content as individual marketing assets can help you:

  1. Refresh existing content to increase organic traffic
  2. Convert more readers into subscribers, leads and customers

For example, we’ve used this approach to increase organic traffic by 269.98% and conversions by ~110% in 90 days, just by refreshing and optimizing content our client already had.

How It Works

Our content optimization methodology improves results in two ways:

  1. New organic traffic acquisition
  2. Conversion rate optimization

When looking for organic traffic opportunities, we identify the content that is most likely to rank for new target keywords. Then, we identify gaps and refresh your content.

For conversion rate optimization, we analyze your most popular content and look for ways to get more leads, subscribers and customers.

Here's What You Get

  • Opportunity Analysis: We identify the best opportunities to generate results as quickly as possible.
  • Content Refresh: For content refresh opportunities, we’ll fill in any necessary gaps or completely update your content from scratch.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: We’ll experiment with new offers, messaging and call-to-action placements.
  • Link Building: For more competitive keywords, we’ll run refreshed content through a lite version of our link building methodology.
  • Influencer Collaboration: Not only do third party statistics and insights make content more credible and original, it helps us build relationships with influencers who have an active audience.

Working with Grizzle has been a dream come true for me. No other content vendor I’ve worked with has been better than Grizzle. Having someone I can rely on to deliver high-quality, SEO-friendly content consistently has been essential for success.

Chandal Nolasco da Silva, Content Director

Grizzle has helped me earn tremendous SEO results. They're brilliant, professional, and most important of all - always make life easier for me and make me look good in front of my boss. That’s what a services partner should do.

Gaetano di Nardi, Head of Demand Gen

Working with Grizzle was a breeze. They are pros who know exactly what they’re doing and have a modern marketing playbook that gets results. Grizzle’s content quality is top-notch, and their work contributed to our SEO and PR efforts.

David Fallarme, Marketing Director

Grizzle got our message to a wider audience, securing several #1 positions on Google for competitive keywords and boosting SEO traffic. We connected with prominent influencers, and one particular blog post generated a near-6 figure deal.

James Harris, CEO

What's the investment?

We operate on a set monthly fee, with the option to cancel any time you like. Our methodology takes care of everything, from opportunity analysis to content refreshing and conversion rate optimization.

Starting at £3,000 /MO