Marketing Editor (Freelance)


Remote (Worldwide)

Grizzle is a content marketing & SEO agency that helps SaaS, technology and B2B brands achieve their growth goals.

Our goal is to help clients surpass their traffic, lead generation and acquisition targets by building and executing on content and organic growth strategies. From content production to technical SEO and distribution, we provide end-to-end services that our clients have come to love.

About the job:

We’re looking for a talented editor with content marketing experience to work with us on an ongoing basis. We’ll provide you with a steady stream of interesting work, a process to empower you to edit at the top of your game, and ongoing support from our content team.

Benefits of working with us:

We’ve created a killer content marketing methodology that helps our client’s get thousands of visitors to their blog every month. We started Grizzle because we wanted to help startups and marketing teams make audiences fall in love with them. Our content often ranks on page one in highly competitive markets and we’re proud of helping our clients grow.

But we’re not a content farm. We take the time to create and edit high-quality content that’s full of unique insights and value-adds. We’re not trying to replicate what’s already out there—anyone can do that. High-quality content must have a purpose, so we take a strategic approach to every article we produce. If an audience doesn’t feel empowered, we haven’t done our job.

Here’s what you’ll be doing:

We expect our editors to go beyond fixing simple grammatical mistakes. Rather, our editors must have a keen eye to spot missed opportunities, places for value-adds, and moments where the explanation can go deeper.

That means it’s your job to dissect the content on both a micro and macro level. It needs to align with our clients’ needs and follow their guidelines, speak to the target audience in the right way, look and sound great, and be optimized for on-page SEO.

Even though our writers are given everything they need to research and write long-form blog posts that are full of detailed examples, actionable insights and paragraphs that drive points home, our editors are there to sense check everything and level-up the content if need be.

Our editorial process includes:

  • Refreshing existing content for additional value and SEO opportunities
  • Marking up the document
  • Proofreading to guarantee it’s error-free
  • Leaving comments for the writer
  • Ensuring the structure, voice and tone match the provided guidelines
  • Identifying missed opportunities for internal links, unique quotes and value adds
  • Auditing sources and citations
  • Checking for plagiarism
  • Certifying that the final draft includes everything from the outline
  • Arranging the content in the most captivating, concise and appealing way
  • Optimizing for on-page SEO

Once hired, you’ll be given access to a detailed training module that explains exactly how to do everything outlined above—chock full of examples and lessons from our Director of Editorial.

We’re looking for an associate editor who:

  • Loves fixing any and all grammatical errors
  • Can write in a clear, concise manner (read: active vs. passive voice)
  • Understands on-page SEO and how to optimize to include unused keywords and themes
  • Recognizes what separates value-driven content from the crowd
  • Knows how to dig deep into statistics to find the best (and original) sources
  • Is extremely well organized and can work to deadlines
  • Can communicate in a consistent and reliable manner

If our mission aligns with your values, here are a few other benefits of joining our team:

  • Long-term, steady and reliable freelance retainer
  • Learn about content marketing, SEO and demand generation
  • Work with some cool companies in various industries (from sales management to sexual wellness)
  • Access to awesome people
  • Improve your own editing skills
  • Work with a fully remote team

We pay our freelance editors $50/hr. This can increase after several months of working with us and for larger projects.