Using Stats & Data in Content Marketing With Integrity

Like any practice, the over-reliance on employing stats this way has its downsides; namely inaccurate sources, misrepresentation of facts, and a chain of blog posts citing each other that obfuscate original sources.

In this first edition of our new Demandist segment, Grizzle’s very own Jenna St John (Editor), Erica Schneider (Head of Content), and Tom Whatley (Founder & CEO) talk about:

  • The importance of using statistics and third-party data in your content in the first place
  • The problem with using data for the sake of it
  • Being honest with what your data truly represents
  • Why every content marketer and writer should always cite the correct source
  • How to find reliable sources that represent unbiased arguments
  • The ROI of strong journalistic integrity

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Tom Whatley

Founder & CEO, Grizzle


Grizzle Team

Grizzle Team