What is Value in Content Marketing, Really?

“Value” is a term we often throw around in content marketing. We encourage writers to create “value-driven content.” Asking them to “add more value” is a consistent request we find ourselves asking.

But what does value actually mean? How can we make a nebulous term more tangible?

These are the questions Erica and I set out to answer. In this episode of Demandist, we talk about:

  • What does value look like? How is it perceived? How can we make value more tangible as content marketers?
  • Why good writing is the communication medium that lets value unfold
  • The importance of outlines and why they act as a roadmap for value to emerge
  • Practical examples of “value bombs” to add to your content
  • The concept of “Aha! Velocity” and how it can make your content more sticky

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Tom Whatley

Founder & CEO, Grizzle


Grizzle Team

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