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As a senior marketing leader growing a B2B organization targeting other marketers, you’ll be more than familiar with the challenge of utilizing content marketing to capture a wider audience and discover business opportunities. According to a HubSpot survey, 36% of marketers believed the biggest challenge of all was creating engaging content in the first place.


When marketing a B2B company solving a marketing challenge, you’re faced with an overwhelming array of choices. The amount of marketing options available can be confusing and distracting. Yet one thing is clear: content marketing is important. In fact, 70% of marketers plan to produce more content in 2017 compared to 2016 (Content Marketing Institute).


The problem is, only 30% of those marketers believe their organizations are effective at content marketing in the first place.


So, how do you produce content that’s proven to engage and expand your audience, generate opportunities, build high quality backlinks – all while positioning you as a thought leader at the same time?

Guest Blogging Service

When it comes to hitting multiple content marketing goals, guest blogging is the fastest way. Not only are you capturing a wider audience, but you generate tangible results in the form of backlinks, traffic and conversions. It’s the ultimate PR system that adds true value to your audience and generates measurable results.


The real challenge is in finding the right content to create and getting past the noise – especially when getting the attention of other marketers. The market is already so saturated with content, how do you get past the noise? How do you create content that people fall in love with and deliver measurable results and ROI?


This is the reason Grizzle was created. We created a methodology for generating an actual ROI from our guest blogging efforts by building connections with marketing influencers and creating truly engaging content on their platforms.


For example, a guest blog post on MarketingProfs that showed marketers how to engage with senior audiences and the c-suite generated dozens of marketing qualified leads and lead to a six-figure deal. This was possible because we focused on creating content that solved a specific challenge for this particular audience, and it still generates traffic today.

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“Working with Grizzle was a breeze. They are pros who know exactly what they’re doing and have a modern marketing playbook that gets results. They knew exactly which blogs and outlets to target for our brand. Best of all, I could trust them to build relationships on my behalf, which saved me and my team a ton of time. Finally, Grizzle’s writing quality is top-notch, and their work contributed to our SEO and PR efforts.”

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David Fallarme, Director of Marketing

“The approach used by Grizzle helped us get our message out to a wider audience, securing placements in blogs and publications where our target audience can be found. We connected with several prominent influencers, and one particular blog post generated a near-6 figure initial deal for us.”

Seraph Science

James Harris, CEO

How The Methodology Works

Our guest blogging service works because we focus on three key things:


  1. Building influential relationships,
  2. Targeting the right audience and,
  3. Creating the right content for them.


We’re not a made-to-order service, rather a service that delivers upon a proven methodology.


We start by building core relationships between you – the individual – and the right influencers and editors. Call it a form of ghost-writing. We leverage already existing relationships and put you at the heart of them.


Then, we find the sweet spot between your value proposition and the challenges of a specific audience. In the MarketingProfs example above, we discovered that their audience were struggling to create content that engaged with a senior audience, so we created a post that showed them how to do it. This made the guys at MarketingProfs happy, their audience loved it and it generated a thick ROI as a result.


From industry blogs like Kissmetrics major business publications like Forbes. We build relationships with thought leaders, editors, and key influencers to open new doors to new opportunities beyond content marketing.

What’s the investment?

We operate on a set monthly fee, with the option to cancel any time you like. Our methodology takes care of everything, from building relationships to research to content production.

One Methodology, Starting at $995 /MO



What’s your cancellation policy?

We’re very transparent with our pricing structure. If you need to re-invest your budget into other channels you can cancel at any time.

We’re an analytics/email/social media marketing firm. Will you be working with our competition, too?

No. We only work with one business type per client. If you’re growing an email marketing software service, you won’t see any others on our list of clients.