Increase search traffic from
your existing content

Done-for-your content optimization for SEO leaders: We'll identify new organic growth opportunities from your existing content.


The companies we help to achieve explosive organic growth:

Fight traffic decay & rank for competitive keywords

Producing fresh content consistently is critical for organic growth. Not only does a regular publishing schedule keep your audience engaged, it directly contributes to a successful SEO strategy.

Over time, those same blog articles and landing pages (that generated thousands of visitors) begin to drop in traffic. You need to meet publication deadlines and make sure existing content is performing. But wrangling data, prioritizing opportunities, and getting content refreshed can take up hours of your time.

So, how do you ensure existing content is well optimized without burning out?

Content Optimization for SEO Leaders

At Grizzle, we're huge advocates for ongoing content optimization. Which is why we've developed end-to-end content optimization services and proprietary intelligence tools to help our clients capitalize on every content marketing & SEO opportunity.

Want to improve SERP click-through rates? Or catch traffic decay before it makes a dent in your organic traffic? We've got you covered.

Read on to learn how we do it.

Act on traffic decay before it happens

Content loses search traffic over time. We'll identify traffic decay before it becomes severe and refresh content to make it relevant again.

Double your search traffic

Capture opportunities to rank for more lucrative keywords. We'll optimize your content to rank for more competitive terms.

Recent client results:

269.98% increase in search traffic across key content assets

As part of a broad optimization project, we helped Pipedrive improve, refresh, and rewrite old (but critical) blog articles. This lead to a 269% increase in search traffic and 111% increase in user sign-ups from those assets.

287% increase in search traffic for a single (but critical) blog post

After creating an article targeting the keyword "what are display ads" we noticed it was ranking #2 for the broader term "display ads". Within 30 days we were ranking #1 for "display ads", increasing monthly traffic from 676 to 2,617 pageviews.

98.75% increase in search traffic for business finance topic

As well as end-to-end content production, we help Tide ensure blog articles are optimized and up-to-date. One particular article on an accounting topic ended up seeing a 98% lift in search traffic in 31 days.

Powered by our proprietary
Content Intelligence platform

Working with huge websites and blogs requires a better way to manage and prioritize data. Which is why we built our own Content Intelligence platform.

With it, we're able to instantly identify new opportunities for content refreshing, metadata & page titles, and internal linking. Not to mention spotting traffic decay before it occurs.

Wrangle your content marketing and SEO data throughout the entire content journey—without the complicated Excel formulas.

How we help:

SERP CTR optimization

Increase the number of clicks your content generates from search impressions. We'll test new metadata to show searchers you have what they're looking for.

Content refreshing

Improve content quality, add new sections, and provide more value to your readers. Our editorial capabilities will make your content the best available on a given topic.

Internal linking

Find new internal linking opportunities and pass on authority from relevant pages. We'll help optimize your site structure and create a hub-and-spoke model.

Introductions and hooks

Traffic isn't the only thing that decays. Not happy with your content's avg. time on page? Increase engagement by testing new introductions and lead-ins to keep readers hooked.

Data-driven improvements

Using data-driven tools, we'll improve your content's on-page SEO performance and ensure we're fulfilling search intent from Google's perspective.

Content distribution

Identify content that would benefit from a boost in exposure. Our end-to-end distribution methodology will help content generate backlinks organically.

Book an organic growth consultation (without the fluff)

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