Build a content marketing & SEO system in 7 days

Content marketing has proven to be one of the most effective marketing strategies time and time again. In this free course, you’ll learn how to build a content marketing system to generate organic traffic, attract leads, and grow your business in just 7 days.


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What's in the course?

In this free 7-part course, you’ll learn the organic growth methodologies we use to help clients like Pipedrive,, and Tide to generate search traffic, user-sign ups, backlinks, and leads—every single month.

Each lesson will take a deep dive into different content marketing, SEO, and digital PR strategies—along with the components needed to reach and exceed your goals. From research to content production and distribution, you’ll learn everything you need to build a traffic-generating, high-performing organic growth engine.

Lesson 1: Building a content strategy for success

Understand your audience, conduct competitive analysis, and look for gaps through data-driven research to lay the foundation of your content marketing roadmap.

Lesson 2: Get your technical SEO house in order

Organize your website hierarchy, improve on-page SEO, and ensure your website is running at optimal performance for users and search engines alike.

Lesson 3: Topic ideation & keyword research

Content often fails due to poor topic selection. Here, you'll learn how to identify the best keyword opportunities and come up with topics that your audience truly cares about.

Lesson 4: Creating exceptional, high-performing content

Why do some articles perform better than others? It comes down to the quality, authority, and depth of content. Here, you'll learn the anatomy of a high-performing blog post that blows readers away.

Lesson 5: Content distribution methodologies

Don't just "set and forget" your content. This lesson will cover the content promotion and distribution methods that drive thousands of visitors to every blog post we publish.

Lesson 6: A digital PR crash course for startups

How do you get featured in leading industry publications? Here, you'll learn how to get featured in the blogs and publications your audience is actively reading.

Lesson 7: Measuring the success of your content and SEO

What metrics and KPIs should you measure? This lesson will show you how to set up your analytics and which metrics you should measure for success.

Bonus: Content optimization for long-term wins

Content loses value over time and can experience diminishing results. This bonus lesson will show you how to future-proof your existing content with an ongoing optimization effort.

About the instructor

Tom Whatley is the founder of Grizzle, a content marketing & SEO agency that helps SaaS, agencies, and technology brands grow organically. Learn more about our agency here.