Build an organic growth engine in 5 days 💪

Organic Engines is a free 5-day email course that teaches you the fundamentals of content marketing, SEO and digital PR.

What’s in the course?

In this free 5-part course, you’ll learn the organic growth methodologies we use to help clients like Pipedrive, Web.com and Tide to generate 100,000 visitors from Google.

Each lesson will dive deep into different content marketing, SEO and digital PR strategies and the components required to reach your goals. From research to content production and distribution, you’ll learn everything you need to build a traffic-generating, high-converting organic growth engine.


Lesson 1: Organic growth fundamentals

Define your organic strategy, create a plan and get your technical SEO house in order (without complexity).


Lesson 2: Creating your content roadmap

Conduct customer interviews and keyword research to uncover the best topics and growth opportunities.

Lesson 3: High-performance content production

Learn the anatomy of great content, how to wow your audience and get it ranking in Google for your target keywords.


Lesson 4: Distribution systems

Content promotion to attract thousands of visitors, and engage with industry influencers to expand your reach.


Lesson 5: Conversions & measurement

How to use lead magnets to turn readers into conversions, write high-converting landing pages and measure results.


Bonus: Building a digital PR flywheel

Get featured in huge publications, build hugh-quality backlinks and tap into other people’s audiences.

About the instructor:

Tom Whatley is the founder of Grizzle, an organic growth agency that helps B2B, SaaS and technology brands grow through content marketing, SEO and digital PR. Learn more about our agency here.