B2B Media Brands, Earning Attention, and Marketing on "Easy Mode"

“Build a media brand" is fashionable advice in the marketing world today. But what does it actually mean?

Obaid Durrani, Head of Content and Brand at HockeyStack, has nailed the execution. With their Netflix-style streaming platform, The Flow, and his unique approach to social content he’s bought together other creators to produce educational and, frankly, entertaining content in a serialised format.

In this episode, Obaid shares his entire approach to producing B2B media content that not only garners huge amounts of attention, but attracts an audience of all seniorities to HockeyStack. He was generous enough to share the principles and building blocks of his “Easy Mode” framework and talks us through what it takes to build high-quality content at all stages of the funnel.


Obaid Durrani

Head of Content & Brand, HockeyStack


Tom Whatley

Founder & CEO, Grizzle